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Embedded Solutions

Atman provides customers with the technologies, expertise and bring quality products to market. Embedded system designed to help organizations meet their engineering needs, enabling them to succeed in the global market.
Embedded Solutions is all about empowering individuals and companies to maximize efficiency through the use of technological products that are appropriate for their particular situation. To that end, the company offers products such as embedded technologies along the lines of microprocessors and other devices that can be embedded in different units.
Embedded Solutions is also responsible for the development of software solutions. These solutions could be anything from software for a handheld device to a larger piece of software for a high- powered desktop computer. We deliver process by enabling customers to maximize their existing resources, operate more efficiently and reduce costs associated with new product development.
What we do in Embedded Solutions ?
Firmware Development
Device Drivers
UI/MMI Development
Mobile/Hand-Held Devices

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